Our view: The Town of Marion, just up Interstate 40 in McDowell County, recognizes being the weird cousin at the family reunion is more fun than being the quiet one.

Why we believe that: Marion officials voted this week to name Bigfoot as its official animal, according to a report in the Charlotte Observer. Yep, North Carolina has the Plott hound and Marion has Sasquatch, a mythical woods creature that walks on its back legs and is the size of an ape or human.

Good for them. Instead of turning its collective nose up at the Bigfoot storyline, the community there chose to embrace it. There’s a business in Marion called Bigfoot 911 and the town will host a Bigfoot Festival on Sept. 8.

Marion is not alone. A quick look on the Internet brings up websites, such as The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization, and numerous articles aimed to uphold or debunk a myth that began with some grainy footage shot in 1967 by two horse riders in northern California.

Is Bigfoot real? There’s plenty of debate on both sides but precious little evidence.

Does that matter? Not in Marion, where elected officials saw clear to have a little fun and gain a little fame rather than reject the subject of Bigfoot.

That’s called taking a minus and making it a plus.

By the way, there’s also a livermush festival in Marion each June. No word on if Bigfoot enjoys that regional delicacy.

In conclusion: Sometimes it’s OK, heck even fun, for our communities to own and celebrate the stuff that makes us different. In Marion, that happens to be the thought that a Bigfoot may lurk in the foothills. We congratulate them on a well-placed sense of humor.

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