Our view: One foot of snow fell across Catawba County but overall there were few wrecks or significant harm because the good people here listened and stayed at home when possible.

Why we believe that: We are not always good listeners. We are sure we can travel through snow and ice, even when state troopers advise us not to drive. We fail to heed the warnings of our governor when he declares a state of emergency due to the snowstorm.

We are impatient and determined to go, go, go even when city and county leaders beg us to stay home and tow trucks struggle to stay on the road. But this time, we did not. We stayed home on Sunday. We did not go to work Monday unless there was a significant need.

And the community was all the better for our patience and caution.

We would also like to give a shout-out to all the police, fire and emergency personnel, who braved the elements to provide needed services during a winter storm that rivaled 1993’s near blizzard.

And we recognize all the newspaper carriers who did their best to get papers delivered in a timely fashion. Our readers have for the most part been gracious and understanding of this challenge.

In conclusion: The snow fell but wrecks were few. That’s because we heeded the advice of the forecasters and the troopers and, for the most part, stayed home.   

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