Our view: The voters of Catawba County made the right choice on two amendments to the state constitution.

Why we believe that: Catawba County does not always line up with the state when it comes to voting. This area has long been a Republican stronghold and votes that way, even when the state swings toward the Democrats.

The oft-told joke is there are two parties in Catawba County: Republican and birthday.  But voters here rejected two state amendments that some of our more conservative lawmakers were pushing.

Catawba County voted against the two amendments aimed to shift power from the governor to legislators.

The nonpartisan judicial merit commission amendment failed here by a vote of 33,500 against to 17,253 for.

The bipartisan board of ethics and elections amendment failed her by a vote of 30,683 against to 19,983 for.

We are sure the words from former Republican governors Jim Martin and Pat McCrory, who both came out against the two amendments, had an impact on the vote here. As they should. They were joined by other former governors, notably Democrat Jim Hunt.

It’s rare to see former Democrat and Republican governors line up together for one cause. When they do, we should listen.

In conclusion: We are glad folks could see beyond partisan lines in Catawba County to make the right call here. There needs to be a balance of power in Raleigh. And short-term power grabs are never the right answer because one day there will be another Republican governor and a Democrat-controlled senate. Voting down these amendments protects the best interests of the people and the parties.

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