A woman was shot in both feet by a single bullet at Valley Hills Mall last week, when her child kicked a 9mm pistol from the waistband holster of the father as he picked the child up.

That’s the description Hickory Police Chief Thurman Whisnant provided Tuesday regarding an incident on Sept. 5 at the mall.

The father, A-Duan Namon Walker, 23, of Hickory did not have a concealed carry permit, according to Whisnant, and the mall does not allow guns.

A summons was issued by a magistrate for Walker on the misdemeanor charge of carrying a concealed weapon without a permit.

That means Walker will be served with the summons and will have a court date, but he will not be arrested and will not be issued a bond. As of mid-day on Tuesday, Walker had not been served with the summons.

The victim, a 28-year-old Hickory woman, received non-life threatening injuries. Whisnant said it was apparent the discharge of the gun was accidental.

Two shell casings were recovered at the scene, but Whisnant said police have no reason to believe more than one shot was fired after reviewing security video and talking to witnesses.

“We cannot explain why there were two casings,” he said, adding it is possible the second shell casing was in the pocket of an item of clothing used to control the bleeding of the victim’s wounds until EMS arrived.

Whisnant added: “In today’s world, there are people with valid permits that are carrying and we probably don’t know it. We just hope folks will be responsible. If you are going to carry, carry legally and safely.”

There were four children present at the time of the shooting.

Whisnant says he is thankful there were no serious injuries, and he reminded gun owners that possessing a firearm is a huge responsibility.

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