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Catawba County Inspection Scores, June 1-7

Grade Name Address
The highest 100/A Grandview Middle School cafeteria 451 Catawba Valley Boulevard, Hickory
100/A Longview Elementary School cafeteria 737 12th Street SW, Hickory
100/A Oakwood Elementary School cafeteria 366 4th Street NW, Hickory
100/A Viewmont Elementary School cafeteria 21 16th Avenue SW, Hickory
100/A Webb A. Murray Elementary School cafeteria 3901 Section House Road, Hickory
The lowest 91.5/A Western Steer 334 Southwest Boulevard, Newton
The list 97.5/A Bojangles 1816 12th Avenue NE, Hickory
97/A Dairy Center 1712 North Main Avenue, Newton
96/A Duck N Good Food Place 3005 1st Avenue SW, Hickory
98.5/A Gepettos 114 North College Avenue, Newton
97.5/A Golden Corral 1053 Lenoir Rhyne Boulevard SE, Hickory
96.5/A Jack in the Box 1776 Catawba Valley Boulevard, Hickory
93/A Nagano 1226 Conover Boulevard West, Conover
99.5/A Narrow Coffee & Nosh 13 North College Avenue, Newton
97/A Olde Tavern 2710 North Center Street, Hickory
95/A Roadside Grill 3510 Springs Road NE, Hickory
99.5/A The Hen & Egg 204 North College Avenue, Newton
98.5/A Wilmer Jenkins Elementary School cafeteria 3750 North Center Street, Hickory
99/A Zaxby’s 2383 Springs Road NE, Hickory

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