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The highest: Hickory Career Arts Magnet School cafeteria, 409 8th Avenue NE, Hickory; and Southwest Elementary School cafeteria, 1580 32nd Street SW, Hickory each scored 100/A

The lowest: Bourbon Street Alley, 903 Main Avenue SW, Hickory, scored 93/A

The list:

1877 Pub and Grub, 116 1st Avenue South, Conover, 98.5/A

7-Eleven, 3137 North Oxford Street, Claremont, 98.5/A

Bowman Drug Company, 126 1st Avenue South, Conover, 99/A

Chick Fil A, 1239 2nd Street NE, Hickory, 97/A

Cookout, 1710 North Center Street, Hickory, 97.5/A

Hart and Soul, 25 4th Street SW, Hickory, 97.5/A

Hickory High School, 1234 3rd Street NE, Hickory, 99.5/A

Love’s Travel Stop and Country Grill, 1760 Southfork Drive, Newton, 97/A

Lowes Foods meat market, 260 14th Avenue NE, Hickory, 97.5/A

Lowes Foods grocery, 260 14th Avenue NE, Hickory, 97.5/A

Mountain Fried Chicken, 1263 U.S. Highway 70 SW, Hickory, 98/A

Snack Bar, 1346 1st Avenue SW, Hickory, 96/A

Waffle House, 1227 13th Avenue Drive SE, Hickory, 96/A

Zaxby’s, 1330 Lenoir Rhyne Boulevard SE, Hickory, 98.5/A

Zaxby’s, 1233 N.C. Highway 16 North, Conover, 97/A

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