Vinyl album sales have grown every year for the last 13, according to Billboard music charts, and the record store revival has officially hit Union Square.

Friends and business partners Allen Ward and Brent Goodson were looking for a space in downtown Hickory to move their already established buy-and-sell business, Crate Diggers Vinyl and More, when Bottega owner Sarah Frisbey offered the space above her art gallery and boutique.

“I think vinyl is back and it’s popular,” Frisbey said.

Based on Ward and Goodson’s business over the last four years and Billboard’s January article, they believe Frisbey’s statement holds true and Hickory is ready for its first record shop in over a decade.

“We’re confident enough to walk out of a full-time, $40,000 a year job,” Goodson said.

There are several stores in the Hickory area selling new or rereleased vinyl, like Barnes & Noble and Target. Those products can come with a hefty price. Crate Diggers avoids overhead expenses and aims to offer competitive prices.

“We don’t price to keep. We price to sell,” Ward said. “Our thing is we want to give you what you want for a fraction of the price.”

The former Charter technician duo also sells cassettes, CDs, turntables and stereo equipment, vintage music shirts – this list goes on.

“Anything music related, we’re selling,” Goodson said.

Ward said a large part of Crate Diggers’ business is buying vinyl and keep inventory in a constant cycle.

“So if you have a massive collection, we buy. You can either bring them here or call,” Ward said.

Crate Diggers Vinyl and More opens today at 10 a.m. inside of Bottega: A Soulful Place. Bottega is located at 256 Union Square NW and the record store is up the staircase.

Go to or call or text Crate Diggers at 828-261-6262 or 828-261-6482 for more information.

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