Car: 2003 Mustang Cobra

Name: Robbie Helton

Age: 67

Location: Claremont

When and how did you acquire the car?

I bought the car in February of 2005. The young man that bought the car new was Jason Little. I got the car from the Armstrong Ford.

It had 4,600 miles on it.

Tell us about your car (specs, restoration, etc. in detail).

The car has a 4.6 liter V8 with a supercharger. Horsepower from factory was advertised at 390 HP but 420 was closer to real.

Do you have a fun or interesting story about the car?

One time I ran a Corvette in Tennessee on I-40 at 145 mph for 10 miles that lasted four minutes.

I enjoy telling the story.

Why do you love the car?

I wanted one the first I saw one at the car show. Ford Racing brought one to the show.

This car is number 992 of around 1,800 built in Torch Red in 2003. The car was built in June of 2002.

What is the most interesting feature of the car?

The car is supercharged with six-speed transmission. It also has independent rear suspension, which only came on the Cobra Mustangs.

What do people often ask you about the vehicle?

How much horsepower does it have? 450 rear-wheel horsepower.

How long have you had it? Fifteen years.

Did it come with a supercharger? Yes, from the factory.

What value do you place on the car?

The car’s value is between $25-28,000.

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