Wet weather starts the week

Rain drops cling to Leyland cypress.

The warmer-than-average temperatures the area has been experiencing are expected to continue through the week but a change to colder weather is expected soon, Carolina Weather Group meteorologist Scotty Powell said.

Powell said the recent thunderstorms and warm weather in Hickory and the surrounding areas were the result of high pressure pushing warm air up from the Gulf of Mexico.

He said temperatures will likely stay in the 60s through Thursday.

In terms of severe weather risk, Powell said there’s a chance of more thunderstorms on Wednesday but he does not believe they will be as severe as the ones that came in over the weekend.

A cold front is expected to move in over the weekend. Next week, the area could even see colder-than-average temperatures, Powell said.

Powell cautioned that it’s difficult to project longer term weather patterns but he said the area is likely to “seesaw back and forth” between warmer and cooler temperatures.

From next week through the end of the month, the area will likely have colder weather with the possibility of things warming up again in February, Powell said.

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