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OsteoStrong | Muscular-Skeletal Strengthening & Rehabilitation | Hickory, NC

A Unique System for Developing Your Muscular-Skeletal Strength




About OsteoStrong | Muscular-Skeletal Strengthening & Rehabilitation | Hickory, NC

OsteoStrong of Hickory NC works to improve the overall muscular-skeletal health of the people in the community one bone at a time!

OsteoStrong is a muscular-skeletal strengthening and rehabilitation system appropriate for all ages and conditioning levels. Our system focuses on strengthening bones, muscular strength and balance while reducing joint and back pain. You will leave every session with better balance than when you came in. With our advanced technology, you can begin strengthening your bones drastically reducing your chances of both falling and breaking your bones. The system triggers natural bone and tissue growth that improves overall strength, balance and posture while easing everyday pain. Sessions are sweat-free and take less than 10 mins a week, yet are powerful enough to activate a physiological response that initiates new tissue growth cycles for days after every session. These exercises are so simple and can be done easily and in street clothes during lunch or before or after work! OsteoStrong is for men, women and children of all ages and conditions, including seniors, athletes, those with specific health issues.

OsteoStrong of Hickory is a wellness center that helps you strengthen the foundation of your body

OsteoStrong offers a health and wellness concept that increases bone density and muscular strength, which improves balance and flexibility, and reduces pain in joints and the back. Members come as they are and within a few sessions, develop better balance, strength, posture and suffer less joint pain. In addition to bone strength, the program builds muscle density and healthier tendons and ligaments, with benefits for posture, joints and overall balance. And, because strength gains are measured instantly, members see real time results in their performance report. OsteoStrong helps people of all ages and fitness levels achieve new heights of physical capabilities. In one-on-one OsteoStrong sessions, members are taken through a short series of trigger events that stimulate the body’s own adaptive response to improve bone health, strength and endurance. Stop in today and get back to feeling like yourself again!

The OsteoStrong Experience from OsteoStrong Corporate on Vimeo.