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Hamby Fotheringham Agency | Insurance Agency


423 4th St SW
Hickory, NC 28602

Last Updated: January 2, 2019




About Hamby Fotheringham Agency | Insurance Agency

Hamby Fotheringham Agency is proud to serve the insurance needs of the Hickory area and surrounding community!

Choosing the right insurance company and working with an independent agent is so important. As your local insurance agency, we will assist you in finding just the right combination of tailored, personalized insurance coverage at just the right price. We believe in never settling for less than our very best, so you don’t have to either. Our goal is to provide an insurance experience that allows you to rely on us for supportive, fast and progressive services every time. Our auto, home, business and life insurance is rooted in the principles of honesty, decency, service and of course, affordability. No matter where you live, protecting your belongings is important. That’s why Hamby Fotheringham Agency offers a variety of insurance policies, all tailored to fit your individual needs. We love to help people and provide solutions! Providing deep expertise, with a focus on offering value, tailored coverage and a differentiated experience is what set us apart from our competitors. We care most about people and their local communities, and we work hard to go above and beyond everywhere we offer coverage.

Hamby Fotheringham Agency in the Hickory area is committed to providing insurance products and services to meet the needs of their clients!

We offer customized insurance solutions with a distinguishable ease of use and expertise. We deliver by meeting or exceeding our commitments to all we serve. We’ve built a strong portfolio of insurance offerings for homes, personal property, autos, health and life. Every insurance quote should be unique because every situation is different. That’s why you will never see a computer generated quote from us. Our agents live and work in your communities. We understand your needs and work as hard as you do to ensure you are well-protected with coverage that is best for you. We prevent situations from becoming problems. Your agent will then prepare a quote specifically tailored to fit your needs. So whether you're purchasing insurance with us for the first time, or need to make a change to your car insurance, home insurance or life insurance policies, Hamby Fotheringham Agency agents have you covered.

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