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When and how did you acquire the car?

I purchased this vehicle from a friend in 2007. He was going to restore it but changed his mind. My husband mentioned that he wanted to sell it. Let me explain it was just a body there was no motor, transmission or interior. So, this was a major project, I asked my husband if he thought we could restore it. Being the sweet husband, he said, "Sure." Well long story short, I purchased it, already knowing what color I wanted it painted.

Tell us about your car.

My car is a 350 (cubic-inch engine) with 350 (horsepower) with 700R4 automatic with a 373 posi (transmission). This 1969 is frame off rotisserie car. The underneath is painted the same color as the car with disc brakes all around, custom interior, billet aluminum wheels and vintage air. It was painted Glacier Blue by Michael Canter from Taylorsville in 2008. While the car was being painted, my husband and I were working on other things, buying parts, and getting the motor ready. Every nut and bolt on this car is brand new. Because my husband and I did everything but the painting and interior, it took us six years to complete this project. The interior was our last thing which Dave’s Trim Shop in Morganton completed in 2014. I was so excited to finally be able to drive it.

Do you have a fun or interesting story about the car?

My husband had always loved showing his '68 Camaro,  so we were looking forward to showing my '69. One of the things we wanted to do was to be able to show inside at the Pigeon Forge Rod Run. In 2015, we sent pictures of my car in to see if we would be accepted and we were. It was exciting just being able to have it on display and so many people admiring what we had accomplished. The best part was being chosen in the Top 25.

The funniest thing would be looking for wheels for eight months at car shows or cruise ins. I would walk around with my head down looking at wheels I wanted. Finally, I found the wheels I wanted at the Pigeon Forge Rod Run and I have only seen one other car with these wheels.

Another funny story would be when we brought it home after buying it, our neighbor's son came over to help us unload it off the trailer. He asked us "Did you get this out of a junkyard?" But look at it now.

Why do you love the car?

When I got my driver's license in 1972 my dream was to have a '69 Camaro, I was 17 before that dream would come true. See my dad was a Ford man so I had to convince him. After getting married, I sold it to my brother. I had always wanted another '69. Over the years we had bought several new ones. The last one was a '99 Camaro which I drove for seven years before selling it. I was so excited to have another '69 the same color as the one I bought in 1975. There is nothing like the older Camaro. It is just a beautiful car.

What is the most interesting feature of the car?

I would have to say the interior is the most interesting feature. The gauge lights are the same color as the car and the interior color is the same color as the stripes. When I went to see Dave about getting the interior done, his question was what did I want and I said I wanted something classy not too radical. I think it just makes the car.

What do people often ask you about the vehicle?

People are always asking me if we bought it like this or who built it. I love telling people that my husband and I built it, and I chose everything.

What value do you place on the car?

I would say around $60,000.

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