TAYLORSVILLE – Alexander County commissioners, in conjunction with the Economic Development Corporation, continued their 2019 industry tours on Dec. 4 at Schneider Mills.

Commissioners Jeff Peal, Ronnie Reese and Ryan Mayberry, along with EDC Executive Director David Icenhour, met with Schneider Mills co-president Tim Little, Vice President of Manufacturing Chip Swinnie, and Vice President of Operations Curt Parker at their facility, located at 1170 N.C. 16 north of Taylorsville.

Little said that Schneider Mills has approximately 300 employees, working three eight-hour shifts. The plant is about 450,000 square feet in size, and produces 1 to 1.5 million yards of textiles each week using state-of-the-art technology.

Schneider Mills began in 1917 as a small silk weaving business in New Jersey, with the Alexander County facility constructed in 1946, essentially consolidating the company’s operations. Schneider Mills also has a sales office in New York.

From manufacturing fabric for parachutes, automotive airbags, surgical bandages, tents, flags, and a variety of other military uses, Schneider Mills is a premiere weaver of synthetic fiber goods for a wide variety of end uses. The company produced materials used in the parachute for the Mars Rover.

In 2009, Schneider Mills began a new era entering the composites market with Composite Fabrics of America (CFA), which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company. CFA, which has 19 employees, weaves carbon fiber that is used in auto racing, boat paddles, bike frames, bridge reinforcements, bulletproof vests, and more.

“We are proud to call Alexander County home, and strive to be a good corporate partner in our community,” Little said. “We’ve been here 73 years, and plan to be here at least 73 more.”

To learn more about Schneider Mills, visit www.schneidermills.com or call 828-632-8181. To view photos and a video slideshow from the tour on Google Photos, visit http://bit.ly/tour-at-schneider-mills.

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