Allran believes the county is on the right track and supports existing efforts by the county, such as the K-64 initiative.

He identifies attracting and retaining young professionals by creating amenities, training workers for the available jobs and wisely managing the growth in the southern part of the county as key priorities.

The county will have to balance the growth in the Sherrills Ford area and other parts of the county with maintaining a respect for the county’s heritage and culture, Allran said.

Allran identifies affordable housing as a problem and believes working with local governments on zoning can help address that problem.

Do you consider yourself a conservative and what does it mean to be a conservative when it comes to county government?

I certainly consider myself a conservative.

The first thing in regards to county government would be to always … analyze the county budget to make sure you’re getting the most for your dollars.

I would always look out for the taxpayer’s dollars. I would always manage the taxpayer’s money wisely and whenever there can be a savings without sacrificing services, I think there should be.

Whenever you can spend money in a better way, whenever you can cut out waste, you should. Whenever there is duplication, it should be cut out.

Is there a belief or policy idea you could not compromise on?

I’m pro-life and that’s just for me a moral issue so I can never compromise on that.

I also believe that it is very important to safeguard our Second Amendment rights and I also believe that we must, must protect our religious freedom and that any encroachments against people’s right to practice their religion is just terribly wrong.

For example, the issue came up about the county seal.

The seal has a cross on it. I certainly opposed the efforts of the American Civil Liberties Union to take the cross off the county seal, which I think from a religious standpoint, a historical standpoint, a cultural standpoint and a heritage standpoint, was just an abomination.

Was there ever a time you took a principled stand even though it was unpopular?

The one that kind of comes to my mind there … is the lottery.

I served all those years in the legislature and from the very beginning I said I’m against gambling for moral principles and moral reasons.

The idea that the state of North Carolina should legally be running a gambling operation and taking money from the people least able to able to pay … I think is just terrible.

I consistently opposed the lottery and didn’t negotiate on that.

What is your favorite thing to do in Catawba County?

My favorite thing to do in Catawba County is live here. This is where I raised my family.

I love to travel. I love to go places – my wife and I love to go places. But at the end of the trip and at the end of that, I’m always ready to come home.

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